Imagine being stuck on the payment gateway because your bank is currently non-operational or your card is temporarily out of service. Well, this is nothing less than a nightmare and I am sure you must have come across this horrifying situation once in your lifetime. 

So, what would you do then? Call someone back home and ask them to make payment on your behalf- is that what you will do? Or, you would just instantly take out your smartphone and pay through PayPal just by using your PayPal log in credentials? 

Believe me, the second option sounds to be a great idea even if your bank has failed to live up to your expectations. Yes, with a one-time PayPal Account Login, you can make payments at different retail stores, fly through payment gateways, receive money as a seller/merchant, and whatnot. 

In addition to these basic reasons, there are several reasons to choose PayPal as your financial buddy. To know more, hit the road to the next section. 

Planning to simplify your financial journey with PayPal?

Check out these Key Takeaways

Spilling the beans, let’s find out why PayPal has gained so much traction among users. 

But, Have you tried visiting the official website of PayPal yet? If not, then make sure that you visit from your mobile or PC browser. You’ll surely know why people are going gaga over it. With PayPal, you can;

Sounds good, right? So, why not create an account on PayPal and check for yourself whether it could turn out to be your ultimate payment partner or not? 

Here’s the part where we’ll discuss PayPal sign up

To put it short, there are two types of accounts you can create on PayPal: A Personal account and a Business account. And the choice is completely yours which account you would like to go ahead with. 

PayPal Account Login

Here’s the deal- You can create both personal as well as business accounts separately. Now, without wasting a minute, let’s take a quick peep and learn the apt yet the easiest way to sign up on PayPal: 

Creating a Personal account on PayPal 

Creating a Business account on PayPal 

NOTE: The first three steps that we have discussed in the previous section will remain the same for PayPal sign-up. But, in this case, you need to choose “Business Account” as your preferred account type and then follow the steps furnished below: 

I know, now you must be wondering how you use PayPal’s services after signing up for an account on the platform.

Don’t Worry!!! The next section has got you covered and will walk you through the PayPal Account login process. 

Step-by-step tutorial on PayPal Login

What you’ll need? Just your username, password, and 2FA code, and then do as explained below: 

IMPORTANT: Those who have enabled two-step verification need to enter the login code as well to access their accounts.

Learn to enable 2FA for extra protection for PayPal Account Login

Aren’t you using the 2FA feature on your account? YOUR ACCOUNT IS AT RISK of getting hacked if you aren’t using any additional encryption feature for the protection of your account. 

My suggestion is, you should set up 2FA right now, and here’s how to do it: 

Is my PayPal Account Login really safe?

Let’s take a dig at PayPal’s security features

Despite creating a strong PayPal log in password and enabling 2FA, your account still might be at some risk. 

But, don’t you worry… PayPal’s strong security system has got you covered and will keep hackers at bay. Learn how- 

In a nutshell:

As it is clear from the content above, signing up, signing in, and using PayPal is extremely easy and safe. But, you certainly need to be aware of what is happening with your account and your money so that you can avoid being easy prey to hackers.